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M10TEK Moves to Durango!

Durango, CO: The La Plata Economic Development Alliance is pleased to welcome M10TEK to Durango, Colorado. Jim Rosenberger, managing partner, moved M10TEK to Durango in December of 2016. M10TEK is one of only three certified platinum SAP service agencies in North America. M10TEK has been a leading solution provider in the areas of ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, and Supply chain since 1992.

"You can have the best software in the world but if you aren’t using it correctly, its value is diminished. Businesses of all sizes need an SAP Digital Transformation strategy and more importantly, need that strategy implemented correctly."

M10TEK is a provider of Senior, Principal and Platinum level SAP consultants in the industry. The mission of an SAP Platinum consultant is multi-faceted. Platinum consultants are, first and foremost, knowledgeable about their area of focus within SAP. The group was meant to represent the top 5% of SAP's consulting force.

When asked why he chose to move his company to Durango, Jim cited the great lifestyle and the passion he and his family already had from annual visits to the region. "We can work from anywhere. For us, the quality of the community and our ability to raise our kids were deciding factors in coming to Durango."

Roger Zalneraitis, Director of the La Plata Economic Development Alliance, said Jim's story was familiar. "Businesses choose Durango and La Plata County because it is a real town in a beautiful environment." He also noted a recent trend in technology firms. "We have had several new tech start-ups as well as tech inquiries about moving here recently. The lifestyle combined with a great workforce, and Fort Lewis' efforts to launch a new computer engineering program are helping to grow more quality jobs here."

Jim concurred, also noting that high-speed internet and better air service were critical for his firm. "Tech firms like M10TEK need to be able to reach our clients quickly through reliable internet and great flight service. Without that, firms like mine can’t move or grow in great towns like Durango."

Since moving to Durango the company has already hired four people. There are currently seven employees at the office, with plans to add even more as headquarter functions expand. The office is located at 1970 E. Third Ave Suite 111, Durango, CO 81301.