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The traditional SAP consulting model is based on utilizing existing assets, i.e. consultants who are “on the bench” and availabel. As a client, you seldom get to choose which consultants you get. M10TEK's delivery model is built with an extensive network of highly experienced, independent consultants and partner organizations that it can draw upon to deliver solutions. Clients have a say in which consultants they would like to work with, and M10TEK goes to great lengths to find the best match between clients and solutions. As clients became more sophisticated in buying services (many managers have been consultants), they know best what they need and can make better buying decisions. One customer recently stated, "It’s refreshing to see your deployment model as it delivers the best resources as opposed to the ones currently on your bench." M10TEK has succeeded in creating an Agency-Based business model while taking advantage of a sophisticated partnering ecosystem driven and required by the complex interoperability of SAP’s cloud roadmap. Our partner and solution catalog is just one example of our commitment and desire to deliver world-class solutions to all the customers we support.